jag har inte riktigt bestämt mig än men jag tror att jag tror att det är meant to be för Serena och Nate. KAN vara meant to be för Jenny och Nate också men jag tror mer på Serena!

Nate: You know it took me a looong time to get over what happend with us that night. I actually, uh. Well two years ago at the masquerade ball I tried to tell you I loved you. Turns out I told Jenny Humphrey, she was wearing your mask.
Serena: You loved me?
Nate: Of course I did. Serena you are the most beautiful, amazing, alive person i’ve ever known.
Serena: … Nate.
[They both lean in to kiss]
Tripp: I hope i’m not interrupting something.


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