Careful B. Hell hath no fury like a Chuck Bass scorned.

Chuck Bass: Are you ready for your present?
[Blair grabs his hair and pulls]
Chuck Bass: Owww! If you wanted to play ROUGH all you had to do was ask!
Blair Waldorf: You nauseate me!
Chuck Bass: All this talk about how you have to be with Nate or the world will end. Face it, it's over!
Blair Waldorf: You sound like a jealous boyfriend
Chuck Bass: Yeah right! You wish!
Blair Waldorf: No. You wish!
Chuck Bass: Please you forget who you're talking to
Blair Waldorf: So do you. Do you... like me?
Chuck Bass: Define "like"?
Blair Waldorf: Ohh! Ahh! You have got to be kidding! I do not believe this
Chuck Bass: How do you think I feel! I haven't sleep, I feel sick; like there is something in my stomach... fluttering.
Blair Waldorf: Butterflies? Oh, no,no,no,no,no! No,no,no! This is not happening!
Chuck Bass: Believe me no one is more surprised or ashamed than I am.
Blair Waldorf: Chuck, you know that I adore all of God's creatures and the metaphors that they inspire, but those butterflies have got to be murdered!
Chuck Bass: Fine! It wasn't that great anyway.
Blair Waldorf: Thanks!

Chuck Bass: Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on something worthy of its beauty... I really am sorry.


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